Обложка книги The Film Encyclopedia 5e

The Film Encyclopedia 5e

ISBN: 0060742143;
Издательство: Collins
Страниц: 1552

Ephraim Katz's The Film Encyclopedia is the most comprehensive one-volume encyclopedia on film and is considered the undisputed Bible of the movieindustry. With up-to-date additions, this fifth edition features more than 8,000 A?Z entries on the artistic, technical, and commercial aspects of moviemaking, including: Directors, producers, stars, screenwriters, and cinematographers Styles, genres, and schools of filmmaking Motion picture studios and film centers Film-related organizations and events Industry jargon and technical terms Inventions, inventors, and equipment Plus, anindex of Academy Award?winning films and artists, top grossing films, and much more. Unrivaled in its scope, The Film Encyclopedia is the indispensable film book for moviegoers, students, critics, and everyone associated with the art and craft of motion pictures.

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