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Guus Luijters

Marilyn: A Never-Ending Dream

Обложка книги Marilyn: A Never-Ending Dream

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ISBN: 0859651452, 978-0-85965-145-5
Издательство: Plexus Publishing (UK)
Год издания: 2000
Страниц: 172
Marilyn Monroe, perhaps more than any other actress, captured the hearts and the imagination of people the world over and remains an icon for each new generation. This sumptously illustrated record of Marilyn features the star at all stages of her life, incorporating a wealth of interview material, gathered together to build a kaleidoscopic picture of her character. Her own words combined with a complete filmography, discography and bibliography, make this a fascinating record of an actress who probably generated more interest and affection than any star of her generation.