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Verna Terminello, Marcia Reed

E-Mail: Communicate Effectively

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ISBN: 013041817X
Издательство: Prentice Hall
Год издания: 2002
Страниц: 176
This easy-to-read, in-depth book contains comprehensive information and expert advice on communicating effectively and responsibly through e-mail. It provides readers with learning activities, tools, and tips to help them actually change behaviors and learn this critical workplace skill. Five chapters cover a variety of e-mail topics: saving valuable company time; increasing the effectiveness of communications; learning this basic skill of the workplace; avoiding e-mail troubles; avoiding miscommunications and misunderstandings; avoiding lawsuits; increasing productivity; increasing sales; improving job performance; reducing junk and personal e-mail; reducing time and effort reading and writing e-mail; helping keep a company's e-mail database from growing out of control; protecting and strengthening an individual's and company's brand, reputation, and image; limiting virus attacks from careless habits; limit the potential for illegal and unethical e-mail; taming the e-mail monster;...