Обложка книги What You Need To Know About The Passion Of The Christ

What You Need To Know About The Passion Of The Christ

ISBN: 1840301589;
Издательство: Ambassador-Emerald International
Страниц: 72

Book DescriptionAfter months of promotion and discussion, Mel Gibson's movie "The Passion of the Christ" has been released in cinemas all over the world. Never before has a film generated so much debate prior to its release. "The Passion" promises to provoke further reaction as people view it. The Making of the Movie: At first, it sounded like it might just be a quirky art film: a film about Jesus' passion using only the dead languages of Aramaic and Latin and without subtitles. But it has steadily turned into a powerful and popular film that has already become a milestone in cinematic history. The Message of the Movie: Although liberals have lambasted "The Passion" and allege that its screening will result in a round of anti-Jewish sentiment, a surprisingly wide assortment of pastors and priests have cheered it. In fact, many have been stockpiling outreach materials to capitalize on its message. The Meaning of the Movie: Many have hailed it as "the greatest...