Обложка книги Children, Cinema and Censorship : From Dracula to Dead End

Children, Cinema and Censorship : From Dracula to Dead End

ISBN: 1850438137;
Издательство: I. B. Tauris
Страниц: 256

Book Description Using original research, this book explores the recurring debates in Britain and America about children and how they use and respond to the media, focusing on a key example: the controversy surrounding children and cinema in the 1930s. It explores the attempts to control children's viewing, the theories that supported these approaches and the extent to which they were successful. The author develops her challenging proposition that children are agents in their cinema viewing, not victims; showing how these angels with dirty faces colonized the cinema. She reveals their distinct cinema culture and the ways in which they subverted or circumvented official censorship including the Hays Code and the British Board of Film Censors, to regulate their own viewing of a variety of films, including Frankenstein , King Kong and The Cat and the Canary .

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