Обложка книги Hollywood Jesus Reviews 2004-2005

Hollywood Jesus Reviews 2004-2005

ISBN: 0975957740;
Издательство: Hollywood Jesus Books
Страниц: 252

Book DescriptionBoxoffice figures dropped dramatically between the summers of 2004 and 2005. From August through July, more and more audiences were taking their dollars elsewhere. Gone were the grand metaphyspectacles of the previous year. Where was Harry? Where was Frodo? Where was Spidey, man? Not even George Lucas or The Incredibles seemed able to save the day. But was all lost? Did twelve months of film have nothing worthwhile to say? Hardly. Spirituality still rocks Hollywood?s world. This year?s collection of reviews covers 90 top films, every one of them reviewed from HollywoodJesus.com?s spiritual perspective. The ideas that move the world infuse the cinema, and audiences are still paying attention. Into the darkness of the theatre comes a great light. God is behind the screen, and Jesus is in the seats. Take a close look the next time you?re there. The 2004-2005 collection features the writing of Hollywood Jesus host David Bruce...