Обложка книги Filmography of Social Issues : A Reference Guide

Filmography of Social Issues : A Reference Guide

ISBN: 0313320373;
Издательство: Greenwood Press
Страниц: 328

Book DescriptionSince the early days of silent film, some of the most memorable movies made have been those that have confronted and explored such challenging social issues as poverty or racism. Librarians and educators--as well as cultural historians, students and cinemaphiles-- will find this book a valuable resource for examining films and how they reflect and comment on the major issues of our time. This specialized filmography first identifies and discusses twenty important social issues that have recurred in films over the years. In addition to the films critiqued here, other related titles are listed under each topic. The 100 films discussed in this volume, presented alphabetically in standard reference format, cover a wide spectrum of film perspectives and genres. Many of the films are American made, others are European, all are English language. Each film entry identifies the prominent social theme or themes and presents full credit information, including the major actors...