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Charles Drazin

In Search of The Third Man

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ISBN: 0879102942
Издательство: Limelight Editions
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 207
Book DescriptionHalf a century after its opening, The Third Man remains an unquestioned masterpiece of film artistry and, for many, the greatest British movie ever made. Whether it is Harry Lime's magical first appearance or the celebrated cuckoo clock speech or the climactic chase through the sewers beneath Vienna or the haunting theme music of Anton Karas, the film contains some of the most memorable moments in screen history. Drawing on both contemporary documents and accounts of the people involved, In Search of The Third Man explores the many myths that over the years have grown around this extraordinary film, and seeks to unravel the facts from the fiction. "...you'll want to read The Third Man...The story of the film's creation is as intriguing as the film itself" -Leonard Maltin, Playboy
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