Обложка книги Music in Film : Soundtracks and Synergy  (Short Cuts)

Music in Film : Soundtracks and Synergy (Short Cuts)

ISBN: 1903364655;
Издательство: Wallflower Press
Страниц: 144

Book Description Providing an introduction to an area of increasing undergraduate study, Music in Film gives a critical overview of contemporary music whilst placing it within a historical and cultural context. A broad range of films are discussed from Hollywood through to Amerian independents and European art films - including Pulp Fiction, Trainspotting, the work of David Lynch and Pedro Almodovar. A brief history of the development of music in film from the days of the silent era to the present day, the book explores how music operates as a narrative device, and also emotionally and culturally. There is an extended case study of Magnolia as a film script which developed from a pop song. Emphasis is also placed on the divide between the 'high culture' of the orchestral score and the 'low culture' of the pop song.