Обложка книги Hollywood Behind the Wall : The Cinema of East Germany

Hollywood Behind the Wall : The Cinema of East Germany

ISBN: 0719061725;
Издательство: Manchester University Press
Страниц: 288

Book Description This book is a representative history of East German film culture from 1946 to the present, examining both DEFA's celebrated classics and the most acclaimed post-unification feature films by East German directors. As Berghahn shows, East German cinema occupies an ambivalent position between German national cinema on the one hand and East European and Soviet cinema on the other. It includes a wide-ranging exploration of post-unification cinema from East Germany, including cult films such as Sun Alley and Goodbye, Lenin! and provides contextualized readings of twenty significant films, referencing one hundred and ninety East German films in total, along with numerous West German and East European classics.

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