Обложка книги The Opera Singer and The Silent Film

The Opera Singer and The Silent Film

ISBN: 0786420650;
Издательство: McFarland & Company
Страниц: 312

Book DescriptionFilm technology developments in the early 20th century opened up a new world of possibilities for the motion picture industry, and opera, relying as it did on the melodramatic storyline and grand pantomime acting, was an ideal subject forearly silent film. Even deprived of their principal glory?their voices?opera singers were among the first prominent screen stars. This book examines the relationship between the established operatic stars of the late 19th and early 20th centuries and the newly developing motion picture industry. It concentrates primarily on developments between 1895 and 1926, from the invention of the commercially exploitable motion picture to the coming of viable sound on film. Early chapters discuss the changing role of the opera star prior to and during the development of film as a popular commercial medium, and explore the technological innovations that eventually enabled opera to move out of the strict confines of the opera house...

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