Обложка книги Hollywood: An Epic Production

Hollywood: An Epic Production

ISBN: 1592990150;
Издательство: Firstbooks.com
Страниц: 140

Book Description"Hollywood: An Epic Production" delights as it instructs. Written in heroic couplets, the form used by Dryden and Pope in their mock epics and satires, it recounts and interprets the history of the movies. Like other great epics, it contains twelve (short) cantos, each one devoted to an era such as the Twenties or Film Noir, an epic catalogue, and epic similes. Its witty lines and deep insights prove once again that poetry can be as enjoyable as it can be meaningful. Every lover of the movies, every devotee of film, every student of Americana, indeed, anyone who appreciates literature will want to read this poem and to share it with others.

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