Обложка книги European Film Industries (Bfi International Screen Industries)

European Film Industries (Bfi International Screen Industries)

ISBN: 0851709486;
Издательство: University of California Press
Страниц: 212

Book DescriptionIn what kind of state is the European film business? European Film Industries is the first title in a new series of books intended to provide an accessible understanding of how the world's contemporary screen industries function. It looks at all the factors in play, from Government regulation, to the marketing strategies behind an international success like Run Lola Run/Lola Rennt. The author evaluates how Europe's film industries operate, their working practices, and theregion's place within the global business of cinema. Exploring trends in production, distribution, and exhibition, the book considers a range of national and pan-regional developments. Key areas of critical debate are highlighted, including private and public financing, co-production, film policy, links between the film and television industries, and the threats to 'art cinema' from within and without Europe. This unprecedentedly concise introduction provides an invaluable starting...