Обложка книги From Hollywood With Love

From Hollywood With Love

ISBN: 188913824X;
Издательство: Companion Press (Laguna Hills, CA)
Страниц: 224

Book DescriptionFor the best relationship advice, see a movie?or better yet, read a movie quote book! Truly great movie lines are as rare as truly great relationships. Steve Stewart?s new book, "From Hollywood With Love: 1001 Sex, Romance &Relationship Movie Quotes," is a collection of more than 1,000 of them. From comical quips and bawdy barbs, to risque repartee and hilarious head-turners, these movie quotes may not help readers improve their relationships, but they?ll certainlyhelp them laugh about them. What couple can?t use a good laugh? Sometimes tears of laughter can be better than therapy. They?re certainly cheaper?and more fun. Stewart?s collection of movie quotes is divided into nearly 100 categories including: Arguments, Birth Control, Celibacy, Cheating, Dating, Divorce, Erections, Horny, Jerks, Kinky, Kissing, Law, Liars, Love, Marriage, Men, Money, Morons, Oral Sex, Orgasms, Penises, Pregnancy, Propositions,...

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