Обложка книги Let the Credits Roll: Interviews With Film Crew

Let the Credits Roll: Interviews With Film Crew

ISBN: 0786416793;
Издательство: McFarland & Company
Страниц: 251

Book DescriptionWhat exactly is a best boy or a grip? As the credits roll at the end of every film, listing the names of all the individuals who contributed to its making, many viewers have no idea what these people do. This book reveals the mystery behind the job titles as crew members tell their stories, explaining what their jobs are, how they came to have a career in filmmaking and their many experiences both serious and comic. The author has conducted interviews with 33 accredited members of film production crews from many different American and British films. Each interview includes a brief introduction to the person as well as their filmography. Examples of individuals interviewed include: an assistant director, a best boy, a boom operator, a foley artist, a grip, a set decorator, a storyboard artist and a wrangler.

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