Обложка книги Film Junkie's Guide to North Carolina

Film Junkie's Guide to North Carolina

ISBN: 0895872692;
Издательство: John F. Blair Publisher
Страниц: 432

Book DescriptionFor most of the last 20 years, North Carolina has ranked third in the nation, behind California and New York, in U.S. film production. North Carolina also boasts more production studios and sound stages than any state except California. The 160-plus entries in this travel guide are arranged geographically and include information about what movies and television series were filmed at each site. The guide also provides information about how to find the locations. The reader will especially enjoy the "Star Tracks" sections, which provide gossipy tidbits about where stars ate and stayed while making their films. Whether it's Annie Savoy's (Susan Sarandon's) house in Bull Durham , the apartment building where Blue Lady Dorothy Vallens (Isabella Rossellini) lived in Blue Velvet , or the outflow dam where Dr. Richard Kimball (Harrison Ford) escaped from United States marshal Sam Gerard (Tommy Lee Jones) in The Fugitive , this combination travel guide...