Обложка книги The Red Light Screenplays

The Red Light Screenplays

ISBN: 1403399069;
Издательство: Authorhouse
Страниц: 444

Book DescriptionIn his first screenplay, Channel to the Guides, a suspense thriller?a young girl is contacted by a mysterious guide and seeks help from a psychic channeler to discover the spirit?s true purpose. Together they open a channel to a higher realm and uncover clues to an unsolved murder. Now it?s a race against time to reveal the deadly truth about one girl?s tragedy as another girl?s fate hangs in the balance. With Betting on Baby Forte returns to comedy with characters and a story both provocative and emblematic of the human condition. A group of hard-luck, small-time gamblers scheme to win a baby contest. Traveling to Atlantic City to pitch the idea to a casino boss only complicates things, and now they mustenlist the aid of their wives, leading down a slippery slope of lies and deceit. In Redeeming the Graces Forte tells the dramatic tale of bitter irony, mystery, love and renewal about three people whose lives unwittingly meet and...