Обложка книги Enjoying Video Poker (Without Losing Your Shirt)

Enjoying Video Poker (Without Losing Your Shirt)

ISBN: 1553951980;
Издательство: Not Avail
Страниц: 204

Stan Hendricks, who has never played a serious game of table poker, has nevertheless been able to parlay his engineering background, analytical mind and years of experience with computer spreadsheets into the development of a really simple method that enables anyone...expert or novice...to "play the odds" and maximize the likelihood of success in playing video poker. This book will show you, among other things, why... * A casino can afford to offer nearly 100% payoff. * It's usually better to hold a Jack than an Ace. * Four cards of a flush is a better bet than an outside straight. * Betting the maximum coins doesn't always give you better odds. * A low pair is better to hold than a whole bunch of other options that might seem at first glance to be more desirable. * Sometimes it may be worthwhile to "take a flyer" at a big winner even though the odds say otherwise. * Your chances of getting an honest deal are pretty good. * The cards you...