Обложка книги Never the Same Again: A Rock 'N' Roll Gothic

Never the Same Again: A Rock 'N' Roll Gothic

ISBN: 1580085989;
Издательство: Ten Speed Press
Страниц: 300

Book DescriptionNEVER THE SAME AGAIN details the often tragic, always extraordinary life of Jesse Sublett?punk musician, novelist, survivor. After an out-of-town gig in the summer of 1976, the 20-year-old singer-songwriter returned to his Austin, Texas, bungalow to discover his girlfriend?s gruesomely murdered body. The police focused on Jesse as the prime suspect?but he wound up solving the case for them. Recovering from the devastating loss of his girlfriend, he immersed himself in creative endeavors, founding the legendary punk band the Skunks, and later moving to Los Angeles to write screenplays and crime novels. After contracting a rare form of throat cancer, Jesse moved back to Austin to begin the hardest fight of his life. Here, Jesse candidly narrates his novel-worthy true story, a testament to art?s power to heal the deepest wounds. The autobiography of famed punk band member and crime novelist Jesse Sublett, covering his first love?s tragic murder,...

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