Обложка книги The Little Box of Beatles

The Little Box of Beatles

ISBN: 1860745156;
Издательство: Sanctuary Publishing
Страниц: 768

Book DescriptionAlan Clayson's Beatles Box was that rarity in Beatles studies: a set of biographies of each of the Moptops by a single expert. Now that set is available in a handy condensed form as The Little Box of Beatles. For those fans who don't havethe time to read the four detailed biographies or who simply want an entry-level guide to this world-famous band, this quartet provides an ideal read, with brief biographies of each band member and detailed coverage of his work. Extended to cover the period after the band split up in 1970, this boxed, complete with a booklet of "songographies" highlighting songs each of the Fab Four wrote for the Beatles, solo projects, and other groups, this set makes a perfect package for both the legions of current fans and all those newbies who want to learn about the group that remains unquestionably the greatest and most popular in rock history.

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