Обложка книги Once a Muso

Once a Muso

ISBN: 1844013804;
Издательство: Athena Press Pub
Страниц: 100

This book is an honest, nostalgic and very amusing account of the life and times of a muso from the mid-1960s up until recent days. Our first glimpse of the author is in early youth when his great ambition is to "get behind" the drum kit of his dad's band. Tracing his own musical journey from then on, he takes us, in particular, through the unique era of the Sixties and Seventies highlighting the pop hits and famous names of the day. But this is more than a snapshot of the music scene of days gone by. We get a fascinating insight into why bands split up and how they re-form in new combinations of players. The author tells of personality clashes, performances that are near disasters when musicians don't turn up or do turn up but are high on dope. They have some crazy times. This entertaining life story is not simply for pop music buffs. It's a portrait of a genuine muso with a personal quest to find kindred musical spirits. He claims to be finally "cured" but we remain unconvinced that...