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Hendrick Ferguson

The Music I Love... The Business I Hate...

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ISBN: 0974294918
Издательство: stanyard creek publishing
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 236
Book DescriptionAs the music industry vigorously tries to fight music piracy and record companies are downsizing quicker than you can download a song or getting swallowed up by some big conglomerate, it?s safe to say that the music business is in trouble. The Music I Love...The Business I Hate...is a unique and exciting new book about the music industry. Written by an impassioned and impartial writer, this book provides a realistic picture of Hollywood and offers practical, insightful guidance for both survival and success. This publication not only identifies the personal and professional barriers to success which the aspiring singer, songwriter and musician is likely to encounter but also offers strategies for overcoming them. The Music I Love The Business I Hate differs from other books on this subject, because it has the benefit of being written by an author who has experienced the difficulties of succeeding in this arena first hand. In his book, Hendrick...