Обложка книги The FBI Files on Elvis Presley (Top Secret (Woodlands, Tex.)

The FBI Files on Elvis Presley (Top Secret (Woodlands, Tex.)

ISBN: 0930751035;
Издательство: New Century Books
Страниц: 176

Elvis Presley was never accused of a crime, but for years the FBI kept a file on Presley because of the crimes that went on in the background of his world: death threats made against him; a major extortion attempt while he was in the Army in Germany; complaints about his public performances, a mention of a paternity suit; the theft by larceny of an executive jet which he owned and the alleged fraud surrounding a 1955 Corvette which he owned. These formerly Top Secret Files show dramatically how the FBI and other law enforcement agencies had to react to crimes in Presley's world.

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