Обложка книги Integrating Music into the Elementary Classroom (with CD)

Integrating Music into the Elementary Classroom (with CD)

ISBN: 0534528260;
Издательство: Wadsworth Publishing
Страниц: 512

Book Description The market-leading text for the Elementary School Music Methods course, INTEGRATING MUSIC IN THE ELEMENTARY CLASSROOM boasts an author team who helped set the national standards for teaching music in elementary schools. The first to emphasize the theme of integrating music throughout the school day, Anderson and Lawrence show future educators how to make music an effective part of the entire elementary curriculum. The text introduces the songs, instruments, sources of age-appropriate music, and methods of making music in a multicultural environment--making the text perfect for students with no prior knowledge of the fundamentals of music. With easy-to-use techniques for teaching young children how to sing, play instruments, move to music, create music, listen to music, and understand music, this text relates music to all subject areas. Notably, the authors provide sample lesson plans for kindergarten through grade six, along with more than 150 songs from different...

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