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Stephen A. Marini

Sacred Song in America: Religion, Music, and Public Culture (Public Expressions of Religion in America)

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ISBN: 0252028007
Издательство: University of Illinois Press
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 395
Book DescriptionIn Sacred Song in America , Stephen A. Marini explores the full range of American sacred music and demonstrates how an understanding of the meanings and functions of this musical expression can contribute to a greater understanding of religious culture. Marini examines the role of sacred song across the United States, from the musical traditions of Native Americans and the Hispanic peoples of the Southwest, to the Sacred Harp singers of the rural South and the Jewish music revival to the music of the Mormon, Catholic, and Black churches. Including chapters on New Age and Neo-Pagan music, gospel music, and hymnals as well as interviews with iconic composers of religious music, Sacred Song in America pursues a historical, musicological, and theoretical inquiry into the complex roles of ritual music in the public religious culture of contemporary America.