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Stella Saperstein

The Harmonious Child: Every Parent's Guide to Musical Instruments, Teachers, and Lessons

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ISBN: 1587611716
Издательство: Celestial Arts
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 152
Book DescriptionChildren are musical by nature, whether tooting toy instruments, clapping their hands, or banging wooden blocks. Parents who want to nurture those healthy musical tendencies will delight in THE HARMONIOUS CHILD?s practical, friendly,and knowledgeable advice. In this comprehensive guide, Stella Saperstein and Beth Luey walk you through the basics of finding the right instrument and instructor for your child, the ins and outs of music lessons, and successful ways to manage your child?s practice time. They also discuss marching band, orchestra, and recitals?even the possibility of a musical career for your child. With a thorough list of resources and a glossary, this guide will help you encourage your child to channel that joyful ruckus into beautiful music.