Обложка книги Fell in Love with a Band : The Story of The White Stripes

Fell in Love with a Band : The Story of The White Stripes

ISBN: 0312336187;
Издательство: St. Martin's Griffin
Страниц: 256

Book Description With only two members and no bass player the White Stripes certainly seemed like the ultimate makeshift band. So how is it that this enigmatic couple-who publicize themselves as brother and sister though official documents say they're ex-husband-and-wife-became a multi-platinum musical sensation? From their early days as the darlings of Detroit rock scene to their current status as MTV celebs, they've defied expectations every step of the way. How did it happen that the simple idea of staying true to a lo-fi, blues-based sound become a revolutionary idea in the age digital conformity and complex studio production? Fell In Love With a Band: The Story of the White Stripes is the first biography by a Detroit journalist who has followed their career since the groups inception in 1997. From Meg White's novice attempts at banging the drums to their current incarnation as the face of indie rock. With never before seen photos and exclusive interviews, Fell In...