Обложка книги Omnibus Press Presents The Story of Afi (Omnibus Press Presents)

Omnibus Press Presents The Story of Afi (Omnibus Press Presents)

ISBN: 0825629667;
Издательство: Omnibus press
Страниц: 85

A Fire Inside may have released their first chart-topping major label album "Sing the Sorrow" in 2003, but the Bay Area band's fire began its slow burn over a decade ago. Years of near constant touring have garnered the band a reputation for passionately powerful live shows, and through pure word of mouth they have built an intensely devoted worldwide fan base. Lead singer Davey Havok, guitarist Jade Puget, drummer Adam Carson, and bass player Hunter have crafted a sound so distinctive it defies punk/goth/hardcore labels thrown its way. To further keep us guessing, AFI's music is continually evolving, surprising even its most loyal followers. Here is the full story behind AFI's hard-won success from humble high school beginningsto unimagined heights six albums later as the fire burns brighter than ever. Over 60 black-and-white and color photos included.