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Hilda Jackman

Sing Me a Story! Tell Me a Song! : Creative Curriculum Activities for Teachers of Young Children

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ISBN: 1401837298
Издательство: Thomson Delmar Learning
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 448
Book Description Sing Me a Story! Tell Me a Song! gives teachers, future teachers, care givers and others involved with teaching children developmentally appropriate themes that can be integrated into the curriculum for children from infancy to eight years of age. Theme teaching involves creating many activities around a central idea. These activities are blended into every part of the curriculum within a flexible time frame, from several days to a few weeks. The activities are designed for the classroomteacher to select and combine as needed to meet the needs and interests of the children. Lists of children?s books, goals, web diagrams, vocabulary words, and letters home to families are provided for each of the 30 themes. Plus, each activity is noted for age appropriateness. Finally, the accompanying CD-ROM contains thematic outlines, lessons plans, rebus charts and patterns from the text, and more.