Обложка книги The Rap Records 2004 Edition

The Rap Records 2004 Edition

ISBN: 0974815306;
Издательство: Nerby Publishing LLC
Страниц: 308

Book DescriptionThis is the first book in the world that deals with the uncharted mysteries of every conceivable RAP 12" single released between 1979-1988 This book catalogs the complete discography of almost 1,400 Independent and major label rap record labels from this era.. Taken from Freddy's personal cumulative 20 years of research and cataloging from his famed record collection and collections from over 80 famous DJ's and Record producers all over the globe. This book has the following features: 1. Lists by RECORD LABEL almost 1,400 Record labels then lists the catalog number, Artist, Title of Song and Year released and also a 0-5 STAR rarity guide to access the current market value for each record. 2. Lists TOP 10 Favorite tunes and or favorite productions by over 80 legendary rappers and DJ's from all over the world including Kool Mo Dee, Grandmaster Flash, Kurtis Blow, Dougie Fresh, Fat Boy Slim, Eric B, 45 King, Schooly D, Q Bert, Cut Chemist, Numark of Jurassic 5...

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