Обложка книги The White Stripes: Sweethearts of the Blues

The White Stripes: Sweethearts of the Blues

ISBN: 0879308052;
Издательство: Backbeat Books
Страниц: 192

Book DescriptionThe White Stripes are Jack and Meg White, a minimalist rock duo from Detroit at the forefront of the early 21st century's "new garage" movement. Grounded in punk and blues, they combine vivid storytelling with a primitive, garage-based rock sound. Committed to a two-person line-up, old-fashioned gear, and analog recording techniques - as well as a red-and-white color scheme - they have been embraced by critics, fans, and fellow artists such as Loretta Lynn, Bob Dylan, Beck, and Ryan Adams. This engrossing biography of the White Stripes explores all aspects of the band's career, utilizing first-hand interviews to tell their story from inception to present. Tracing the duo's evolution from DIY innovators to major label stars, the book examines how they navigate commercial success and critical acceptance without compromising their sound or street credibility. With color and black and white photos throughout, this informative and absorbing account will satisfy fans new...

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