Обложка книги Baby Plays Around : A Love Affair, with Music

Baby Plays Around : A Love Affair, with Music

ISBN: 0812967895;
Издательство: Villard
Страниц: 288

Book Description By the author of the bestselling Five-Finger Discount , a hip, funny, and absorbing memoir of a journalist realizing a lifelong dream—playing drums in a rock band—as her marriage hits the rocks Helene Stapinski took guitar lessons when she was a girl, but it was her brother’s drums that really held her interest. She used to sneak in and play them when he was away; when he realized what she was doing, he dismantled them each time he finished playing. But Helene figured out how to put them back together. She learned the classic drum solos and followed the careers of famous drummers. As an adult, Helene put the drums aside and became a journalist. When she was thirty she interviewed Julie, the leader of a rock band, for a story. The band needed a drummer, and Helene’s long-forgotten ambitions came flooding back. She joined, and then she brought her husband aboard on bass. Just as they started playing...