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Ian Shirley

Can Rock & Roll Save the World? : An Illustrated History of Music and Comics

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ISBN: 0946719802
Издательство: SAF Publishing, Ltd.
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 256
Book Description Respected rock journalist and comic fan Ian Shirley examines the unexplored links between comics and music, from Frank Sinatra to the White Stripes and all in between. Encompassing pop bands' own comics-for The Beatles, Kiss, The Monkees and Johnny Cash-along with punk in comics, unauthorized comic biographies, 1960s psychedelic poster artists and fictional bands from The Maniacs to the Gorillaz, this book will look at rock and roll and comics from a totally different perspective. Written in a clear, informative style with extensive interviews (including Alan Moore and Robert Crumb) and a multitude of illustrations with cover artwork by Mike Allred, this will be a must-have book for music and comic fans alike.