Обложка книги Guitar Rigs: Classic Guitar and Amp Combinations

Guitar Rigs: Classic Guitar and Amp Combinations

ISBN: 0879308516;
Издательство: Backbeat Books
Страниц: 208

Book DescriptionThis unique guide examines the classic combinations of guitars, amps, and pedals used to create the most unforgettable sounds in pop, rock, and blues music. Dissecting a wide range of setups, the book pinpoints specific elements that contribute to sought-after tones, and it teaches guitarists of all levels how to get these sounds with gear available today. It also explores how mixing and matching gear can change each setup's tonal properties, making this book a must-have for both die-hardgear fanatics and those just beginning their quest for fantastic tone. The accompanying CD provides myriad combinations of guitar, amp, and effect setups. Includes 70 color photos, and 40 black-and-white photos.

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