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Bill Friskics-Warren

I'll Take You There: Pop Music And the Urge for Transcendence

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ISBN: 0826417000
Издательство: Continuum International Publishing Group
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 276
Book DescriptionThe urge to connect with that which transcends our experience, be it a higher power, another person or some artistic ideal or aspect of nature, is one of the things that makes us human. People view the object of this quest, as well as what it means to achieve it, differently. Yet regardless of how it is understood, the urge to participate in or belong to something greater and more lasting than ourselves?a feeling born of an awareness of our mortality?is what defines us as spiritual beings. Though often dismissed as ephemeral or, worse, demonic, popular music has given voice to this quest for transcendence since its beginnings. Pop singers are rarely as outwardly spiritual as, say, their gospel counterparts; they?re forever pointing beyond themselves, though, be it to some better future, some higher ideal, or to some vision of deliverance. Fontella Bass?s "Rescue Me," the Four Tops?s "Reach Out (I?ll Be There)," Jimmy Cliff?s...