Обложка книги iPod, Therefore I Am

iPod, Therefore I Am

ISBN: 1596910216;
Издательство: Bloomsbury USA
Страниц: 288

Book Description A music lover’s astonishing account of his obsession with the iPod, and a fascinating look at the phenomenon that has revolutionized the way we hear music. First came fire, the wheel, and penicillin…and then, according to Dylan Jones, a compulsive album collector, music journalist, and multi award-winning men’s magazine editor, the next great invention to bless the human race was the iPod, Apple’s groundbreaking mp3 player. Small, sleek, and sexy, but with the capacity to hold up to ten thousand songs, the iPod has stunned music lovers and gadget enthusiasts around the world. It has delighted indie-rock college kids and elderly jazz fans, classical musical buffs and teenage hip-hop hustlers, almost no technology has so seamlessly crossed the great divide. In iPod, Therefore I Am , Jones tells the story of his own entree into this exponentially growing cult, taking the reader on a hilariously candid journey through...