Обложка книги Jazz : The First 100 Years (with Audio CD)

Jazz : The First 100 Years (with Audio CD)

ISBN: 0534628044;
Издательство: Wadsworth Publishing
Страниц: 464

Book Description JAZZ: THE FIRST 100 YEARS, 2nd Edition explores the development of jazz from its nineteenth-century roots in blues and ragtime, through swing and bebop, to fusion and contemporary jazz styles. Unique in its up-to-date coverage, the revision devotes a full third of its length to performers of the 1960s to the present day. The book's flexible organization and clear, interesting presentation appeal to both music majors and general students. Biographies and social history put music in context. Extensive, accessible Listening Guides tie the history of jazz music directly to the CD selections, giving newcomers and aficionados alike a true feel for the vibrant, ever-changing sound of jazz. Boxed inserts cover jazz theory and notation for music majors. Non-majors will find the new Jazz Basics Appendix a useful review tool on jazz fundamentals. Free with every new copy of the book, the Audio Jazz Primer CD allows students to hear the key terms, basic music concepts, and jazz...