Обложка книги London : A Musical Gazetteer

London : A Musical Gazetteer

ISBN: 0300104022; 9780300104028;
Издательство: Yale University Press
Страниц: 384

Book Description This compact and convenient guide to music in London features the sites where music has flourished and where leading musicians have lived or performed in the city—from Handel’s house to Berlioz’s rooms, from cathedrals and churches to recording studios and concert halls. It provides historical information on auditoriums and opera houses, theatres, conservatories, museums, libraries, galleries, graves, memorials and statues, orchestras, music publishers, auction houses, and places of musical interest in the greater London area. The book includes biographical accounts of some 125 composers and musicians who inhabited or visited London. The book offers interesting musical walks, a historical overview, andthe most thorough account yet published of musical compositions evoking London. Boxes within the text present information on such topics as the music Wagner conducted in London in 1855, the organists and choirmasters of the cathedrals,...

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