Обложка книги At the Apple's Core: The Beatles from the Inside

At the Apple's Core: The Beatles from the Inside

ISBN: 0720611164;
Издательство: Peter Owen Publishers
Страниц: 220

Book DescriptionThese are the memoirs of Denis O?Dell, one of the original directors of Apple Corps, Head of Apple films and close friend of the Beatles from the early days of Beatlemania through to the group?s demise and beyond. He is the lastremaining senior Apple executive likely to publish a record of his experiences. Heavily illustrated with fascinating and previously unpublished photographs, including those the Beatles at the Maharishi?s ashram in India, this book contains a plethora of stories and anecdotes untold until now. O?Dell?s position as a key figure in the Beatles history enables him to provide genuine insights into the group?s personal, commercial and artistic motivation which few other books can touch. At the Apple?s Core is by turns an amusing, moving, controversial and revealing dissection of the Fab Four?s experience as perceived by a genuine insider. It is essential reading for any true fan of the group and an...

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