Обложка книги Cisco Router Firewall Security

Cisco Router Firewall Security

ISBN: 1587051753;
Издательство: Cisco Press
Страниц: 912

Harden routers with IOS Firewalls to ensure Network Perimeter Security Master the use of router technologies to secure your network Learn how to implement IOS firewall features in complex network designs Extensive configuration examples provide ground-up coverage of how to use Cisco routers as a firewall solution Cisco Router Firewall Security includes in-depth coverage of how to configure a Cisco router to secure access to it. This book explainshow to use IOS routers as a firewall solution for protecting a data network from outsiders, especially hackers. Each part of the book addresses a specific type of technology or security issue and covers the IOS features ? both old and new ? that can be used to implement each security feature. Part I includes an overview of security, with emphasis on the challenges associated with firewalls. Part II addresses managing access to routers, including a discussion of...