Обложка книги Different Drummers: Jazz in the Culture of Nazi Germany

Different Drummers: Jazz in the Culture of Nazi Germany

ISBN: 0195165535;
Издательство: Oxford University Press
Страниц: 308

Book DescriptionWhen the African-American dancer Josephine Baker visited Berlin in 1925, she found it dazzling. ""The city had a jewel-like sparkle,"" she said, ""the vast cafes reminded me of ocean liners powered by the rhythms of their orchestras. There was music everywhere."" Eager to look ahead after the crushing defeat of World War I, Weimar Germany embraced the modernism that swept through Europe and was crazy over jazz. But with the rise of National Socialism came censorship and proscription: anart form born on foreign soil and presided over by Negroes and Jews could have no place in the culture of a ""master race."" In Different Drummers, Michael Kater--a distinguished historian and himself a jazz musician--explores the underground history of jazz in Hitler's Germany. He offers a frightening and fascinating look at life and popular culture during the Third Reich, showing that for the Nazis, jazz was an especially threatening form of expression. Not only were its creators at...