Обложка книги The Assoluta Voice in Opera, 1797-1847

The Assoluta Voice in Opera, 1797-1847

ISBN: 0786414014;
Издательство: McFarland & Company
Страниц: 271

Book DescriptionIt is unusual for styles in opera to carry over from one era into another. It would be even more unusual for one era?s characteristics to linger two generations into the next. Yet this is precisely what happened during the first halfof the nineteenth century, when the intricacies of the fleet bel canto style were combined with the Romantic era?s heroic declamation and formidable orchestral emphasis resulting in the creation of the assoluta voice. This work traces the emergence of the impressive vocal writing that resulted from the marriage of the bel canto and Romantic eras. It also covers the uniquely versatile divas who were given the opportunities to make their mark on opera from the time of Cherubini to that of a young Verdi. Here, both the wide-ranging vocalism in the scores themselves and the artists capable of performing this style are referred to as assoluta. Chapters consider Luigi Cherubini?s Medee,...