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James McCalla

Twentieth-Century Chamber Music: Routledge Studies in Musical Genres (Routledge Studies in Musical Genre)

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ISBN: 0415966957
Издательство: Roultledge
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 320
Book Description20th-Century Chamber Music features an introduction giving a chronological overview of 20th-century chamber music and the major composers in the style, setting in context the following chapters that cover a wide selection of chamber worksgrouped thematically, including program music; vocal chamber music; works for new ensembles; the modern sonata; and contemporary string quartets. Composers covered range from Schoenberg and Bartok to Toru Takemitsu and George Crumb. The book is ideal for a course focussing on the history of chamber music or a unit in a 20th-century music on the chamber works of the era. Plus, students and scholars will find it an excellent resource summarizing current research.
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