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J.K. Holman

Wagner's Ring : A Listener's Companion and Concordance

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ISBN: 1574670700
Издательство: Amadeus Press
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 440
Amazon.comIt is said that more books have been written about Wagner's life, operas, and theories of drama than about any other artist and his oeuvre. One might ask why a writer would attempt yet another discourse on the Ring and Wagner's mighty labor in producing it. The answer might simply be that the very complexity and variety of existing sources provides an embarrassment of riches to the Wagnerian neophyte, while veteran Wagnerians with a couple of Ring performances under their belts, and a few more in their CD libraries, may want a single volume that contains most of the information one might otherwise have to pursue through half a dozen different references. Holman's approach to the work is refreshingly straightforward. Neither a professional musician nor a journalist--in real life, he's a banker--he brings insights to this work that have perhaps escaped those who spend their entire lives working with music. While he gives a passing nod to Jungian...
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