Обложка книги Bob Dylan: Like the Night

Bob Dylan: Like the Night

ISBN: 1900924331;
Издательство: Helter Skelter Publishing
Страниц: 256

Amazon.comBob Dylan's tour of Europe in May of 1966 has long been a point of fascination for his most dedicated fans, thanks mostly to the tapes of incendiary gigs that leaked out and were bootlegged over the years. Treasured tapes of the phenomenal show he gave in Manchester, England, on May 17, 1966, have been passed among fortunate collectors for decades, and the show has finally been officially released by Dylan's record label as Live, 1966: The "Royal Albert Hall Concert." Now those who've only attended the legendary Manchester gig in dreams can journey back to join C.P. Lee and his mates. Lee, a professor today, was at the age of 16 one of the lucky 1,800 to be blasted and blown away by the intense aural assault Dylan unleashed inside Manchester's Free Trade Hall. Writing with an eye for the quirky detail, Lee takes the reader along to the concert, introducing us to the steadfast fans as well as those who came to heckle. Not only is Like the Night great fun, but...