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Bruce Adolphe

Of Mozart, Parrots, Cherry Blossoms in the Wind : A Composer Explores Mysteries of the Musical Mind

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ISBN: 0879102861
Издательство: Limelight Editions
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 200
Amazon.comThe majority of musicians, it seems, are pretty much in the same position as Plato's Homeric rhapsodists: for all the compelling intensity with which they practice their art, whenever they attempt to explain to the uninitiated just how it's done--what lies behind "inspiration"--the whole process remains shrouded in mystery. In particular, there are precious few composers who can write with insight and lucidity about the trade they have chosen. (Literary giants who have succeeded through their trade in conveying something of the reality of music--such as Thomas Mann and Aldous Huxley--are also conspicuous for their rarity, but that's another discussion.) All the more reason, then, to savor the unusual talents of Bruce Adolphe in this collection of essays, apercus, and provocative speculations. Adolphe is a sort of musical polymath who wears the hats of composer, teacher, and writer. He's written operas, song cycles, chamber music, and musical fables...
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