Обложка книги The Magic Flute: Die Zauberflote. an Alchemical Allegory

The Magic Flute: Die Zauberflote. an Alchemical Allegory

ISBN: 9004130993;
Издательство: Brill Academic Publishers
Страниц: 672

Book DescriptionThis volume demonstrates for the first time that Mozart's opera Die Zauberflote is an enactment of the alchemical opus magnum, in the form of a chemical wedding. Towards the end of the 18th century, alchemy was still a prominent mystical current within the Order of Freemasons of which Mozart and his librettists were members. The central part focuses on the opera's alchemical structure, whereas the historical and mythological backgrounds are also dealt with extensively. The book comeswith 3 CD's offering a rendition of the integral opera, in contrast to the common practice of leaving out major parts of the libretto. The Magic Flute is a fascinating journey of discovery, an initiation into Initiation. With complete original libretto and over 100 pictures.