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Leigh Williamson, Lavena Chan, Roger Cundiff, Shawn Lauzon, Christopher C. Mitchell

IBM(R) WebSphere(R) System Administration (IBM Press Series--Information Management)

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ISBN: 0131446045
Издательство: IBM Press
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 352
This book is part of a series intended to extend your understanding of WebSphere Application Server Version 5. It was written by some of the same team that created the administrative functions of the WebSphere Version 5 product. A great deal of effort went into the WebSphere product, and we put the same effort into making this book. You will find many pieces of inside information about how the administrative tools work and how to get the most from the product on a day-to-day basis. Intended Audience for This Book Administration of a product as sophisticated as WebSphere Application Server Version 5 can mean many things to different people. Some people just want to install their applications and run them. Others need to understand the details of the product architecture to plan deployment of their environment. Still others want to write custom Java code that controls one or more instances of WebSphere. The primary target audience for this book is the administrator who wants to learn...