Обложка книги Music And History: Bridging The Disciplines

Music And History: Bridging The Disciplines

ISBN: 1578067626;
Издательство: University Press of Mississippi
Страниц: 268

Book DescriptionThis book begins with a simple question: Why haven?t historians and musicologists been talking to one another? Historians frequently look to all aspects of human activity, including music, in order to better understand the past. Musicologists inquire into the social, cultural, and historical contexts of musical works and musical practices to develop theories about the meanings of compositions and the significance of musical creation. Both disciplines examine how people represent their experiences. This collection of essays, the first of its kind, argues that the conversation between scholars in the two fields can become richer and more mutually informing. The volume opens with an eloquent personal essay by historian Lawrence Levine, whose works have inspired a whole generation of scholars working on African American music in American history. The essays that follow are original contributions to the project of bridging the disciplines of history and...