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William Donaldson

Pipers: A Guide to the Players And Music of the Highland Bagpipe

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ISBN: 1841584118
Издательство: Interlink Publishing Group
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 176
Book DescriptionThis book is aimed at people outside the piping community who want to find out more about this magnificent instrument without too much expenditure of time and money. It is a lively introductory guide to what pipers do and why, showing how"tradition," often thought of as a vague and anonymous process, is in fact created by a whole succession of brilliantly gifted individual teachers, players, and composers. The author uses many historical sources to explore the rich heritage of piping, anactivity strongly rooted in Scotland's past. Pipers also focuses on the individual players themselves, with a wide range of interviews and anecdotes to provide a fresh account of this key musical cohort.
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